lundi 6 octobre 2014

Buster launcher Gaim Mk-II

Leader substantial thirteen week. In talented ambitious, such as the sacrifice of the ney mistress utility value is gone for the ambition of self, ruthless personality. To orchestrate and defeated both where it forms a faction of his own to Poseidaru forces within and taking advantage of the position, Poseidaru regular army, rebels have been battered by the battle, trying to Nigiro the helm of the cluster, but the plot that is Misukasa pack mule, to Gyabure , it has been defeated is kappa is not a vessel of the ruler of a new era in the final battle. Skill of shooting and Saber in leading not only good at political power, was Wataria~tsu in Saber and pack mule you have to own head M60 advantage of the fact even while being cut his arm to Ney, has entered the flagship.

Is defeated by Buster Launcher Mk-II for the pack mule that was boarding in Gaim, a place where you are trying to withdrawal by shuttle from the theater, TV version in the final battle before the adjutant of Nei and Gyabure that grudge against the killing of Ney in the novel version was assassinated.

Appeared in Episode 4 as a flame enemies early. I put someone in a corner Daba-ra often in the head liner very good. It is a mistress of Giwaza, it was cooperation and knowing the ambition of Giwaza from the affection, but in fact, it was truncated from Giwaza story midfield for the failure continued. It is acquitted eventually also suspected treason to Poseidaru when it was invited to Suvu~eto. However, the frenzy because they were sentenced to death by being suspected of being a spy from Giwaza about it, to drop the sword one arm of Giwaza at Saber also, was overthrown in a counterattack Giwaza. Machine squared (only OVA Full Metal Soldier appeared of Saronzu) Auger, Greenbelt, Saronzu. Not mentioned much in this volume, but age is the owner of that tall Kadoya also a model named 185cm at the age of 21. The skilled in body surgery while slender, and armed with a whip. There is also that it showed the lady and femininity never misses a fashionable enough to carry around a makeup bag at all times, ice cream that favorite food.

Old warrior who suspect that a senior in 13 people week. Owner of a warrior personality basis. I was watching to overlap the vestiges of Mizan son was killed in the first battle in the form of pack mule met when it is trapped in the strategy failed. I was impressed also Gyabure it (some soldiers saw off a sortie of his weeping) are endeared to many soldiers from stately as a warrior of the veteran and personality mature, to Atsushi of the personal magnetism. Was killed by a Kaba~tsu Ryiryi from direct hit of Buster launcher Gaim Mk-II.

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